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HMI Prototyping.

Why not start with the Hyper Personalization immediately?

Usually, it takes many weeks until OEM's and automitive manufacturers are ready to test their prototypes of cars and their single features on the target group, because you surely have to simulate or even build it first - otherwise, how can you show it? Allthrough, we say: yes, you can! Let's turn the tables: in 2021 we used our expertise in neruscientifices and psychophysics to enable you to simulate your target group in a few mouseclicks. Using our tool you can check the fit of every idea and prototype to all the different driver archetypes and their specific needs and perceprion styles - anytime and even before you made the first sketches. Save time, save money and ensure the perfect fit from the first step!


We enable the hyper-personalization of cars. We helt to create intelligent cars which dynamically adjust to the different driver personas and driving situations  - for more customizability, comfort & safety.

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Our data model analyzes over 300 psychological variables plus drivers’ preferences, interests & socioeconomic status


Our AI-data model analyzes person-environment-effects like cognitive bottlenecks in stress situations.


We use a multidimensional approach with a lot of variables - from weather, region & traffic to cognitive overload triggers


Our AI-software environment provides 
seamless integration for every workflow.


Let's bring the prototyping process to the 21th century and benefit from the Hyper Personalization AND time saving! Therefore we designed an all-in-one solution for OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers with the following features:

for Hyper Personalization

Our plattform uses the basic idea of intelligent matching to simplify your prototyping workflow: it matches important recommendations concerning design, settings and fuctionality of every HMI feature to your target group, which you simply set up using our neuroscientific persona configurator. Yes, therefore we created a huge library of all existing HMI features in a car.

for intelligent prototyping

Intelligent projects require intelligent data structures and infrastructures. We modelled evey HMI feature in a way that allows you to dynamically set up or import every parameter of every feature as an ergonomic data object. Reach out for our library of analytics and update functions to make your workflow great again. That means: flowly.

NextGen Customer Clinics

Enable intelligent collection and export of testing data via our XR-based Customer Clinics solution with localized real-time feedback, extended with AI-based Emotion Recognition.


International, interdisciplinary, integrative. We bring our comprehensive experience in the leading automotive corporations together with the sprit of innovation and agility to make the most progressive development methods applicable for you and your awesome cars.

Dr. Dietmar Fischer

Automotive Industry Management for 30+y

Prof. Dr. Markus Quirin

International Researcher Psychology & Technology

Dr. Seshu Bhagavathula

Automotive Executive for 30+y



Aleksej Kononenko

Computational Modeler 
& Data Scientist


25+y of Management Experience

Johannes Utsch

Business Developer

Pascal Eulner

Developer for 12+y

Pedram Bassirian

Quantum physicist

Maher Popal

Data Engineer

Deniz Aghazadeh

Automotive Engineer


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